How To Check If The Online Casino Is Fake?

Playing at online casinos is a popular hobby enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. Users like gambling and they are not hesitant to deposit their money for the sake of entertainment, the rush of adrenaline, and the chance of some big wins.

However, not all casinos are equally honest, and some websites are not safe to play at, at all. Every experienced gambler knows the most reliable and reputable websites, and generally plays only on his own safe playground, without checking out new platforms unless they prove secure. Newbie gamblers, on the other hand, do not have the habit of checking the casino’s safety first. They are generally impressed by the design of the websites, amazed by the number of games available, or blinded by the promise of huge bonuses and potential wins they can get.

And yet, before even starting to surf around a particular website, every gambler should check the platform’s security and find out if it is not a fraud. There are several steps that should be taken for that.

Steps To Take

Make sure you do the following before you create an account and start depositing your money on any website:

  • google the website’s name and see if it is not blacklisted anywhere and if yes, why. You will see a bunch of reviewing websites where experts share their reviews and opinions on different online casinos. Read those carefully. Also, look for feedback from real clients, check what they say. Were they able to win anything? Could they cash out their money, or the casino suspended the transfer for two weeks? Could they reach out to the customer support or not? Positive feedback can be fake, but negative feedback is usually supported by facts or screenshots.
  • In case you find only positive feedback about the website, especially from experts, and the rating of the casino is decent across several authoritative websites, go and check the website itself. The first thing you have to find is a license. A perfect scenario is a license from Malta or UK authorities. The point is, these licenses are granted to a casino if it fits the requirements. All other licenses are bought for huge money.
  • After checking the license, find the casino’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use (or Terms and Conditions). They should be displayed on a visible spot on the website, not hidden somewhere in dropdown menus. These are two long and super boring documents, but make yourself a cup of coffee and make sure you read both carefully.

These steps are necessary to find a casino that is not a fraud.

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