Why You Should Pay Attention To Size Of Payouts?

The majority of users who enjoys playing at online casinos know how to check if winning in this or that casino will actually be profitable. They are not blinded by the promises of huge welcome bonuses or unbelievable progressive jackpots. They know that the casino can eventually suspend all withdrawal transfers, or apply a monstrous percent of commission.

Newbie gamblers, however, are lured by all these sums of money they think they can immediately get, and start registering and depositing to a casino that is not specifically profitable for gamblers. So let’s find out what payouts should be paid attention to, and why.

Important Payouts

Check the following aspects to know if it even makes sense creating an account in this or that online casino:

  • Welcome bonus. Many people see 100% or 150% of welcome bonus and go crazy. Welcome reward means that you will get the same sum you deposit (or more if the reward is 150%) to your bonus account as soon as you register. You can be offered a welcome bonus and first deposit bonus, both pretty decent. However, do not hurry to accept them, even if the casino promises 200%. The most important aspect of reward payout is wagering requirements, or how many times you should bet the sum you receive a bonus before you can withdraw any wins. If the wagering requirements are too high, you are unlikely to receive any benefit from the bonus.
  • No casino allows to withdraw money you get as a bonus; it is only for betting. However, you have to find out if the money you actually win after betting the bonus money can be cashed out, or does this money also go to your reward account? If the second scenario, then taking any bonus makes no sense because it is a bonus for the sake of the bonus.
  • The next aspect to check is the percent that your preferred payment system takes for every transfer. If you see that the percent is too high, or depends on the sum, perhaps you should choose another system as a preferred one.
  • Check how much money does the casino take for transfers. Usually, it is zero, but some websites take a small sum for this. You should really avoid those websites.
  • Find out how much money are you allowed to withdraw during a particular period of time. For example, some casinos limit withdrawal only to $400 per week, or something like that. This is done to prevent fraudsters from withdrawing huge wins immediately. Yet, if the sum is too small, and the time period is too long, it makes little sense winning anything there.

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